Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Decline of Yellowstone’s Famous Druid Peak Pack

Druid wolves
Yellowstone's famous Druid Peak Pack, which roamed the Lamar Valley for nearly 15 years, disappeared from the park’s landscape in 2010. It was considered the most closely watched and photographed wolf pack in the world.

Through their intensive monitoring and research activities, 
Yellowstone Wolf Project staff have been able to piece together the story of the decline of the Druids. The details emphasize the life and death struggle wolves face to survive, even in a protected area like Yellowstone.

It is probable that 
intraspecific strife – or competition and conflict between wolf packs – contributed to the Druids’ downfall. Disease may have tipped the scale to their disadvantage, as well.  However, since the former Druid territory is now occupied by another pack, it appears that the territory is still prime wolf habitat.